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Dog Friendly Beaches Sydney

The short version:

Best Sydney Dog Beaches: 

  • Sirius Cove, Mosman
  • Greenhills Beach, Cronulla
  • Dumaresque Reserve, Rose Bay
  • Clontarf Reserve, Sandy Bay
  • Silver Beach, Kurnell
  •  Clifton Gardens Reserve, Mosman
  •  Flora and Ritchie Roberts Reserve, Curl Curl

It’s not a controversial statement to say that the beaches are one of the best things about living in Sydney. But you know what’s better than a beach? A beach full of dogs. So we set out to find the best Sydney dog beaches for you to enjoy with your pup after a long day at the (hopefully dog-friendly) office.

Sirius Cove, Mosman

Sirius Cover, sydney dog beaches
Sirius Cove is great for a hybrid beach/park day.

The nice thing about this beautiful and protected cove is the grassy reserve that borders it. Meaning you can turn your beach day into a park day without having to get back in the car.

Dogs are allowed off-leash on the beach for the whole weekend. But heads up, during the week it’s only off-leash before 9AM and after 4PM.

Greenhills Beach, Cronulla

Greenhills beach, sydney dog beaches
Greenhills is great for a confident swimmer.

If your dog is a bit more adventurous or more experience in the water, Greenhills offers plenty of space (and other dogs) to play. The waves can get a bit bumpy, so keep a close eye on smaller or more timid dogs.

To get there, head through Wanda Reserve–just take note this area is on-leash, so they’ll have to wait before letting loose.

Greenhills is only an off-leash beach before 10AM and after 4PM, so keep an eye on the time.

Dumaresque Reserve, Rose Bay

Dumaresque, best sydney dog beach
With so many Sydney dog beaches, there is something for all swimming levels.

If Greenhills sounded a bit too advanced for your dog, head over to Dumaresque Reserve. It’s not only a winner for the view, but also because the low and flat beach is perfect for any pooch. Dogs are welcome on-leash at any time, and you can let them off before 8.30AM and after 4.30PM

Clontarf Reserve, Sandy Bay

Clontarf reserve beaches for dogs sydney
Clontarf is great for a relaxed day out.

This pretty, tree-lined, and busy spot is great at low tide for any sized dog to have a splash. The safe and shallow water, along with the ample amount of shade, make for a relaxing and low key chill out zone. To get there just turn right after the Spit bridge and keep an eye out for the designated dog beach.

Make sure you keep your dog on-leash until you get there though.

Silver Beach, Kurnell

Silver beach dog friendly
Silver Beach is off-leash all day. Image via Sutherland Shire.

Just down from Greenhills Beach, this quiet spot is beloved for its open space, proximity to cafes, playground, BBQ facilities, and great views of Botany Bay. Oh, dogs love it too! With hardly any waves and shallow water it’s suitable for any level of swimmer.

Between the third and fourth jetties at Bonna Point reserve it’s off-leash all day. But make sure you don’t wander off course, as dog’s are prohibited on other parts of the beach.

Clifton Gardens Reserve, Mosman

Clifton gardens beach dogs
Not all beaches are great for humans to swim, but many have picnic areas to relax. Image via Mosman Council.

East of the Clifton Gardens jetty this rocky beach might not be great for humans, but dogs love it. Although, the fenced playground and BBQ facilities make for a quality picnic spot.

During winter dogs are welcome off-leash before 9AM and after 4PM. But October to March, they’ll need to wait for 6PM run free.

Flora and Ritchie Roberts Reserve, Curl Curl

 Flora and Ritchie Roberts Reserve, Curl Curl dog friendly
You could say Flora and Ritchie Roberts reserve is more of a lagoon. Image via Northern Beaches Council.

Now, you could argue this is more of a lagoon than a beach. But we doubt you’ll get any complaints from your dog. Especially considering it’s a full-time off-leash spot. They can get in a good run too, thanks to the grassy dunes in the park area. Word of advice though, it’s not great for non-dog swimming.

If you’re looking for beaches to visit with your dog outside of Sydney, check out the best dog-friendly beaches in Melbourne.

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Article last updated on March 14, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not all beaches are dog-friendly. Make sure you look up the specific rules before heading down. Some beaches are dog-friendly at specific times of day, allow dogs but only on-leash, or don’t allow dogs at all. 

Most dog beaches are not fenced so you will need to keep an eye on your own pet to make sure they stay in the designated zone. Be careful because if a neighbouring beach isn’t dog friendly, and they stray onto it, you could risk a fine.

It depends on the dog. Some dogs love everything about the beach. Others may appreciate the sand and smells but not the water. Most will find something to enjoy, but pay attention to their level of comfort. 

  • Sirius Cove, Mosman
  • Greenhills Beach, Cronulla
  • Dumaresque Reserve, Rose Bay
  • Clontarf Reserve, Sandy Bay
  • Silver Beach, Kurnell
  •  Clifton Gardens Reserve, Mosman
  •  Flora and Ritchie Roberts Reserve, Curl Curl
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