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Off the Leash is a site for dog lovers, not just dog owners. We’re here to explore what a great life with dogs looks like. That means taking the time to learn about their health, nutrition, behaviour, and what makes them happy, to then offer trustworthy advice. But also pausing to consider how the dogs we love touch all parts of our lives. 

This site is also a space to think about dogs in relation to travel, art, culture, and news. And ultimately celebrate what makes the bonds between us so special. Across all our articles, we’re constantly returning to how unique our connection to them is. Because loving dogs is about more than knowing they’re amazing. It’s also about appreciating how lucky we are to have them in our lives. 

Off the Leash is supported by Scratch Pet Food, which means we’re free from external paid advertising and editorial. This allows us to provide unbiased opinions on issues that matter to us, without needing to bow to external pressures. 

When an article is written by a Scratch co-founder, it will be clearly stated.

We’re proud to work alongside the Scratch team, and share their commitment to bringing transparency to the pet food industry. 

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