Very Round Dogs Are Our Favourite Viral Internet Trend


If you’re a fan of animal internet (or even just follow us on Instagram) you may have observed the growing trend of “round dog” content. That is exactly what it sounds like: a celebration of round boys and girls who are super cute and totally spherical. For whatever reason, the internet really loves round dogs right now. And who are we to blame them? With everything going on in the world, sometimes you just need to look at a very round, fluffy face, and feel a moment of peace. So let us spread the good vibes and get you up to speed with a crash course in round dogs.

Trust us, you’re going to want to clear your schedule for this one.

The Origins of Round Dogs

Of course round dogs have existed for as long as, well, regularly shaped dogs. Who hasn’t walked behind a corgi and admired that wobbling bum, or melted over the powder puff that is a baby husky. 

But looking at the internet’s current obsession with round animals, we need to pay homage to Rollin Wild. First released in 2012, this series of short online animated films finally asks: what if animals were also kind of like balloons? 

What? You never wondered that? Well, someone did. Because these clips of animals trying to carry on while exhibiting the characteristics of inflatables have been viewed millions of times.

But we’re not here to talk about round animals, we’re here to talk about round dogs. Shout outs have to go to one of our favourite early dog influences (dogfluencer?) Momo. As the beloved pet of photographer Andrew Knapp she’s filled social media feeds for years, pulling her signature pose of staring up from a seated position, giving her the appearance of a fluffy frisby with eyes.

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Now, we love Momo, but her roundness is more of a trick of perspective than reliant on her own angles. So if you’re gonna give it up for the truly round boys you need to look across to pomeranian internet stars–especially the late icon Boo (RIP).

Boo’s fame actually took off when he traded in a classic pomeranian shag for his signature round hair cut. Apparently the famous style wasn’t planned, he just needed a trim and things went off course. Obviously for the ultimate good of the planet. Since his passing, Boo’s round torch has been proudly picked up by several other pom poms. Most notable JiffPom, who is one of the most famous dogs in the world. Again, people love round dogs.

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The Round Dog Revolution

Now up until this point, the current obsession with round dogs was largely directed at single pooches. It hadn’t yet become an all consuming cultural movement. That happened thanks to a wave of Instagram accounts selflessly dedicating themselves to the noble work of documenting round dogs around the world. 

Our favourites are Round Boys, Round Animas, and Round Kids who really introduced the magic of very round dogs to a new generation.

The New Round Dog Stars

What Boo and Momo started, these heroes perfected. In our professional dog journalist opinion, the biggest star in the galaxy of round dogs on the internet isn’t a dog at all–its a Japanese dog groomer and breeder called Yoriko Koro. He is the mastermind behind many of the most viral images we know and love. What can we say, the man knows volume.

But when it comes to turning a dog-shaped dog into a circle-shaped dog he has some competition. Rising star Silver Taeg is a Korean groomer who is also turning out some incredible shapes. They also get bonus points for making less traditionally round dogs–such as collies–into soft curved angels. Who says poms, poodles and bichon frises should have all the fun?

Now, looking at individual dogs, it’s tougher to pick a single hero, but for our money the leader of the pack has to be Kokoro.

The Roundest Breed of All?

While corgies and pomeranian have traditionally been the roundest breed, they have recently lost their #1 position. As any round dog expert can tell you, this new trend belongs to bichon frises. There are countless bichon dogfluencers working this look, but for our money the best-in-show are Pang, Tori, and Joseph.

The Next Trend?

We’re gonna call it now, after round dogs, we’re gonna be seeing a lot of square dogs. We will keep you up to date with this rolling story.

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Article last updated on August 17, 2020

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