Dog Christmas Presents for Every Kind of Pet


There was a time, at some point in human history, when giving dog Christmas presents (or Hanukkah, Easter, Diwali , New Years, Purim, Eid, Kwanzaa presents…) weren’t a common practice. We’re glad to have left that thinking firmly in the past. These days an impressive 78% of dog owners admit to buying their pet a holiday gift (that number jumps as high as 95% in some surveys).

Looking at those figures, it’s safe to say a lot of you will be considering what to buy your best mate this year. But what do you get the pup who has everything? Most dogs live everyday like it’s Christmas: heaps of love, attention, fun, family, and relaxation. So we’re here to help you take things to the next level. We’ve compiled some cute dog Christmas present ideas for every kind of pup. Although, we can’t guarantee they’ll like any of these as much as lying on the couch with you all day. 

Here are the Off the Leash picks for the dog who…

Believes Classic Style Is Eternal

Mister Woof, Emerson Knit, $60

Hunter+Hound, Lumberjack Bandana, $19.95

Growlees, Best In Show collar charm, $18

Treats Every Walk like a Catwalk

The Boho Pet, Macrame Dog Bandana, From $39.00

Holly and Co, Flower Collar, $58

Patched Denim Dog vest, PetHaus – No longer available

Sebastian Says, Piñatex Dog Lead, $170

Is Always Ready for Bed

Handmade for Hounds, The Aspendale Gardens Onesie – No longer available

Maison Dog, Swag, from $75

Nice Digs, Jumbo Cord Slouch Bed, $189

Doesn’t Mind Bath Time

dog christmas presents

2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo, Mr Fluff – No longer available

dog christmas presents

Accidents Happen Bundle, Good Scruff, $44.91

dog christmas presents

Pet Parfum, Harlow Harry, $63

Shares Your Design Pashion

Frisbee, Gummi, $7.95

dog christmas presents

Dog Person Tote, Scratch (no longer available)

Dog Bowl Granny Rose with Lid, Lavish Tails, $76.99

Never Needs a Break

dog christmas presents

Wild One, Bolt Bite Chew Toy, Scratch, $29

Pet Travel Water Bottle, Nice Digs, $35

DFD (Dog Flotation Device), EzyDog, From $59.95

Is a Total Foodie

Doggy Gingerbread, Willow’s Pantry, $13.96

Roo Ribbons, Frankley, $20

dog christmas presents

Scratch Subscription Pet Food, Scratch, From $77

Puts the Environment First

Eco Ball, Doggy Eco, From $13.95

Hemp Rope Toy, Nice Paws, $20

Home Compostable Doggie Pack, Bio Gone, $24.99

Is Always Looking out for Others

The end of the year is a great time for reflection. If you’re like us, you might be cuddling your pooch and thinking about how lucky you both are. Why not pay those good vibes forward by skipping presents and opting instead for a donation? Here are some of the groups we love and support.

Pets of the Homeless

Warlukurlangu Dog Program

WIRES Wildlife Rescue

World Wide Fund

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Article last updated on April 2, 2022

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