These Chow Chows Want to Teach You about Covid-19 Safety


Like most of you, dog videos have been getting us through 2020. They distract us, cheer us up, and remind us that no matter what…at least we have dogs. And while we’d never choose a favourite internet dog, we do have to give a special shout out to one pooch who has been really lighting up our feed.

Mishka is a sweet, cheeky chow chow from Melbourne whose light-hearted (and adorable) videos (and impressive arsenal of tricks) have been attracting a solid fan base for some time. But her Covid-specific content has really become a highlight. Across various stressful periods of the pandemic–lockdown, toilet paper shortages, the introduction of masks–she’s been rolling out the content. But she’s not just here to entertain. Oh no, she’s here to educate too.

Now, when we say she, what we mean is her owners Mehdi and Lily have been busy getting creative.

Talking to Off the Leash, they explained: “We noticed that many of our social media family members seem bored and unsure of what to do while they’re stuck at home. We decided to start (making) Covid related videos to bring some joy and positivity to people’s lives. We also wanted to make them look at the global problem in a different way.” 

Ariyan and Mishka have led something of a chow chows vs Covid movement, reaching out to their Instagram community, and calling on friends and fans to collaborate under the hashtag #teamchowchow.

While these videos understandably take a fair bit of effort, Mehdi and Lily add that, “It’s a hard job, but it’s totally worth it to have a positive impact on everyone’s lives through social media.” So far Mishka is pretty into the whole mission too, “(she’s) very photogenic and calm when it comes to video recording, she is absolutely happy to cooperate with us as long as treats are involved.”

Now, without further ado, we’ll pass over to Mishka for some important 2020 lessons, delivered in the cutest way possible.

Wear a Mask

Seriously, Wear a Mask

Make Sure You’re Wearing It Properly

Wash Your Hands

Check in with Mates

Keep Surfaces Clean

Don’t Hoard Toilet Paper

Find Fun Alternatives for the Events You’re Missing (and Don’t Hoard Toilet Paper)

Don’t Lose Sight of How Deeply Weird 2020 Is

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Article last updated on October 26, 2020

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