This Valentines Day, Pets Are Replacing Humans


This Valentineā€™s day, lots of us will splash out on a significant other. Many of those significant others will have four legs, fur, and eat out of the bin. If that feels familiar, hopefully youā€™re thinking about your dog. Assuming you are, youā€™re not alone. Market Watch reports that as many as one in five people will buy their dog a Valentineā€™s Day gift.

In the US alone, all that spending adds up to a phenomenal $886 million dropped on dog Valentineā€™s Day gifts. Itā€™s a big jump from the $519 million that went to animal Valentineā€™s treats in 2008, but is inline with the growth of the wider pet care market. Over the last decade, the pet product economy has ballooned by 66%. In comparison, the global economy has grown by 43%. 

Of course, that $886 million figure is dwarfed by the over $20 billion annually spent on traditional Valentineā€™s Day items. But itā€™s a marker of an interesting trend. While our interest in pet Valentineā€™s Day celebrations is growing, weā€™re showing less interest in human Valentineā€™s Day festivities. Considering a survey from found that most people cuddle their dog more than their partner, we could be choosing to celebrate our four-legged loves over our two-legged ones. 

Hey, weā€™re here for it. After all, thereā€™s no risk your dog will break your heart.

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Article last updated on February 17, 2022

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