One of our favourite designers just launched the ‘Dodgy Dogs’ card game, and its amazing


dodgy dogs card game

Review: “Dodgy Dogs” card game

We are lovers of all things dogs as well as love helping small businesses get off the ground. So, when we saw Dodgy Dogs card game on Kickstarter that featured dog drawings by Jean Jullien, there was no chance we weren’t backing it.

By the close, almost three thousand people had supported the project, raising $150,000 – over four times what was needed to get the project happening. We signed up in July and received the game early November along with a postcard and super cute pin as special bonuses for joining the Kickstarter campaign.

Special cards from Dodgy Dogs card game designed by Jean Jullien

You get 52 cards, all with great drawings that show different breeds of dogs doing “dodgy” things. Each one brings a smile to your face if not making you want to laugh out loud! I have my favourites, but I am sure they will change over time.

four cards from the game Dodgy Dogs illustrated by Jean Jullien

Dodgy Dogs is not just a set of regular playing cards. It is a complete game with some complex rules cleverly related to dogs. It works a bit like Uno or Skip-Bo but it is all about dogs so is so much better.

If you are playing with kids, they will need to be able to read or at least be good at matching words so probably does not work for younger than 6. You can have up to five players before needing a second deck.

If you love dogs and games, this is the perfect game to add to school holiday camping trips or games nights and a fantastic gift for any dog lover.

They are taking pre-orders on their website where a twin pack is selling for £25 plus shipping £9 to Oz (so approx. $60) and says shipping from the end of October.

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Article last updated on April 5, 2022

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