10 Questions with Hugo the Newfie


Hugo the newfie

Lover, friend, confidant. Today we interview 70kg of personality, Hugo the Newfie



Describe your average Monday

Mondays are the ruffest day of the week, so I like to start off with waking up my pawrents nice and early for breakfast by licking myself loudly, then we go for a stroll to a local cafe where I can get some complimentary cuddles from the waitstaff or passersby. When my pawrents leave for work, I nap for a solid 6-8 hours and then destroy a few plush toys. Then I’m ready for my afternoon walk, another hour long nap and dinner. After dinner, I like to sing along with my squeaky toys, have a game of chase and then chew on my goat horn while I get brushed. I spend the night alternating between snoring loudly and chasing possums in the backyard.

You’ve struck fame, boasting over 40,000 followers on Instagram. I imagine you can’t walk down the road without being stopped. How do you deal with fame and attention?

Nearly everyone who sees me stops to say hi, and if they don’t stop, I physically get in their way so they cannot pass without giving me pats and cuddles. I really love all the attention and get personally offended when people ignore me (weirdos).


What hooman celebrity is your spirit animal? 

You mean who is my spirit human? The Hoff for sure. I’m handsome, love the beach, have awesome hair, love burgers, but I’m not that bright.

You’re 70kg of black floof and heart. Does being such a specimen come at a cost in summer? How do you keep cool?

Summer is definitely not my favourite month. Not only am I big and floofy, but I’m also black. Did you know that black dogs absorb 30% more heat when they are in the sun? To keep cool, air conditioning is a must on those really hot days. I also have other ways to keep cool such as cool mats, frozen treats, playing in the sprinkler and going for swims at the beach. I also refuse to go for walks when its too hot outside and prefer to go out early in the morning and after dark.


What does Mum give you when you’ve been extra good?

I’m always extra good! So she always showers me with treats and belly rubs.

Were you a handful as a pup with mum and dad trying to lay down the law? Any tips for training large breed dogs like yourself?

As a puppy I was extremely boisterous and stubborn, I chewed anything I could get my giant paws on and loved to dig, chase, pull, bite and generally run amuck. My pawrents survived my puppy months by providing me with lots of stimulating games, toys, training exercises and attention. Tasty treats work well too. Always remember- a bored puppy is a naughty and destructive puppy.

What’s your relationship with cats like?

I would describe it as a love/chase relationship. I love to chase them


If you were to release an album, what genre of music would it be? 

Bark & Roll

Favourite dog park? 

Darebin Parklands for sure! There is a huge off-leash area, lots of walking trails, BBQs for all the good sniffs and all the cool doggos go there.

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Article last updated on February 16, 2022

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