Beautiful Dogs

Would you get a tattoo of your dog?

Seems like everyone’s getting inked these days. Most go for a quote or a family members name. But trusting an artist to permanently etch a face on your body is a whole different kettle of fish. Welcome to the dog tattoo.

There’s a growing trend of commemorating a lost family pup with a tattoo portrait.

While you can scroll down to see when it goes wrong, Melbourne tattoo artist Bono is creating stunningly detailed yet cute portraits with fine lines and beautiful colour.

Our favourite dog tattoo’s from Bono


Dog Portrait tattoo’s that didn’t work out so well…

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Written by Mike Halligan
Mike is a huuuuuuge dog lover and the Co-Founder of Scratch. He's spent his life surrounded by Collies and Cocker Spaniels. You can find him sipping coffee in Melbourne and pointing out Bernese Mountain Dogs to his girlfriend, in hope that she'll finally let them get one.