What We Learned from the Great Australian Dog Survey

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This year we set out to conduct the largest ever survey of Australian dogs. We wanted to get a better understanding of how the nation feels about their pets, and oh boy did you guys deliver.

Over 20,000 owners took part to open up about their relationships with their best mates and offer thoughts on Aussie dog culture in general. Not only was the response overwhelming, but some of the findings were legitimately illuminating. You can check in on all the survey results here, and get a little taste of our favourite findings below.

The Most Popular Breed Is...

The labrador! This isn’t too surprising, it’s been the most popular dog in the world for over a decade. Most of the top five are also classics (border collie, German shepherd, golden retriever), although there was one semi surprise. Cavoodles came in at number three. Hey, who could say no to a hypoallergenic cutie.

What’s In a Name?

We’re happy to report that there were no sightings of Fido, Spot, or Patch among the most popular dog names. In fact, the #1 pick was Ruby, which we wouldn’t have guessed. The rest of the list was cute and eclectic–just between us, there were some pretty good baby name options there too.

The Great Debate Is Settled

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who let the dog on the bed and those who don’t. Turns out, it’s not an even split. 74 percent of participants would allow the dog up.

Puppy Love

As we’ve argued in the past, dogs are the ultimate wingmen (or wingwomen). Now, at last, we’ve been backed up by hard data: 83 percent of people said they’d find someone more attractive if they had a dog.

Table for Two

The case for letting dogs inside at cafes and pubs has been growing in recent years, and now it looks like 72 percent of us feel they should be allowed.

The Best Workmates

Love is more important than money, right? Well it is for the 49 percent of participants who say they’d take a five percent pay cut to spend more time with their dog during the week. Your dog certainly agrees.

Like for a Like? 

As big fans of Dog Instagram, we were happy to see 33 percent of under 35s have an Instagram account for their dog. Now please send them all to us immediately.

Furry Family

This one was a real eye opener. One in three respondents felt that having dogs reduced their desire for children. Well, it is all the cuddles for none of the parent teacher meetings.

Most Controversial of All

Almost HALF (ok, 45 percent) of you said you had kept eating an ice cream after your dog took a lick! Wow, love really knows no boundaries. 

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Article last updated on March 24, 2022

Wendy's never met a dog she didn't like. Although she has a special place in her heart for muts: three legs, one eye, missing fur, bit of a weird walk? The scruffier the better. Her favourite dog in the whole world though is her terrier-mix Stevie.
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