Can dogs eat mango?

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Mango is the cardinal fruit of summer. It tastes like pure, melty goodness. You’re guaranteed to completely soak the top half of your outfit in mango juice, but somehow don’t mind it. Mango is that good

We love mango: in our smoothies, our desserts and our face masks. Naturally, we want to know if our dogs can indulge in the same top-tier treat. 

The short answer: Yes!

Mango isn’t just safe to feed your dog – it offers a whole host of digestive and nutritional benefits. No need to sneak guilty slivers of mango to your dog under the table: chuck it in their bowl, loud and proud. 

Foremost, mango is packed full of rich dietary fibre. Fibre is the almost-magical compound that keeps the digestive tract running in perfect balance: too much, or too little, and your dog can suffer from the lethal squirts (aka diarrhoea) or constipation (aka ouch). 

Mangoes boast loads of vitamin A, which nourishes eyes, supports vision and prevents cataract development. It’s got plentiful amounts of vitamin C, a key factor in immune function, white blood cell activity and antibody production

Then there’s antioxidants, which mango has in spades. Antioxidants are crucial to a dog’s ongoing health and are found to prevent cancer, numerous degenerative diseases and persistent allergies (Innovet, 2021). Crazy stuff. 

Can puppies eat mango?

Beyond 12 weeks old, both puppies and adult dogs can have mango as a snack. But since puppies have such specific nutrient needs to support their growth, we always recommend feeding treats & extras in moderation. 

Fed occasionally, bananas are a perfectly safe snack for your puppy, alongside their nutritionally balanced and age appropriate puppy food

When are mangoes bad for dogs?

While mango boasts a range of benefits, it’s also got a skeleton in the closet: sugar. And a lot of it. 

A single mango has approximately 45 grams of sugar. That’s almost three tablespoons of sugar. For that reason it’s best not to feed your dog an entire mango at once – and to only treat it occasionally – as excess sugar can contribute to dog obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. 

Can dogs eat mango peels?

Technically yes, dogs can eat mango skin: there’s nothing toxic or nefarious hidden inside the peel. But ‘technically edible’ doesn’t mean advisable, and some dogs might find the peel pretty tough to stomach. Better to bin it in an environmentally friendly way (worm farm anyone? 🪱). 

Can dogs eat the mango pit?

Definitely not. Mango pits are huge, and even if your dog manages not to choke on the way down, they pose a significant risk of intestinal blockage

Like apple seeds, the mango pit (or stone) contains trace amounts of cyanide. Cyanide is a serious poison, and even small amounts can result in critical cyanide toxicity: difficulty breathing, convulsions, paralysis or death (PetMD, 2018). 

There’s only a minute amount of cyanide in each pit, so it’s unlikely that a single snatched mango stone could cause cyanide poisoning. But it’s better to exercise extreme caution when handling mango pits, and dispose of them in a way even the best bin digger couldn’t unbury. 

How much mango can dogs eat?

Considering the immense amount of sugar in a single mango, keep serving sizes small. One quarter of a medium mango is a reasonable portion for large dogs, and a single slice or two should suffice for anything smaller. 

How to prepare mango for dogs

At the most basic level: peel, pit and slice up your mango and you’re good to go. 

If you’re keen to get creative, there’s tons of dog-approved recipes to choose from. Consider tuning in to your bon vivant impulses and whip up a mango sorbet that’s delicious for both you and your dog. 

For less sticky ways to indulge, single-ingredient dried mango is a perfect alternative to additive-laden options you’ll find at the supermarket. Yum. 

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Article last updated on April 4, 2022

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