Can dogs eat cucumber?

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Cucumbers are a controversial fruit (yes, you heard us – fruit). Their deliciousness is the source of heated debate: crunchy bursts of hydration or the watery grave of snacks?

We’ll let your dog decide on that. 

The short answer: Yes!

Cucumbers are as dog-safe as it comes. From seed to peel they’re non-toxic, nutritious, and packed full of sneaky health benefits. 

Cucumbers are intensely hydrating, made of 96% water: the ideal summer day snack. If your dog struggles with their water consumption (which, same) then cucumber ticks all the boxes.

Cucumbers come vet recommended, for tons of reasons. They’re rich in Vitamin K, which nourishes bone density and prevents joint breakdown. They’re also impressively low calorie, with a whole medium cucumber worth just 125 kilojoules. They’ve got a pinch of sugar compared to most other fruits, with only 1.67g per 100g. Compare that to a whopping 13g in a fruit like mango. 

We know, it kinda feels like cheating comparing cucumbers to most other fruits. But don’t blame us – we didn’t decide their genus. 🥒 

Cucumbers are most notable for their flavonoids. These are antioxidants found in a select few foods, and incredible for your dog’s long-term health. 

Antioxidants are constantly fighting the build-up of free radicals in the body: microscopic bad guys, responsible for chronic disease, inflammation and accelerating the ageing process. 

Can my dog eat cucumber skin?

Yep. The skin, peel or rind – whatever you want to call it – of a cucumber is packed full of soluble fibre. Cucumber skin is delicious, brilliant for your dog’s digestive system and can help encourage well-formed poos. 

Can my dog eat cucumber seeds?

Cucumber seeds are completely safe for your dog to munch on, so no need to scoop them out before serving. Bon appétit.

Can my dog eat cucumber leaves?

The entire cucumber plant is edible, straight down to the leaves. Whether your dog will find them particularly appetising may be another story. 🍃

Can puppies eat cucumber?

Fed occasionally, cucumbers are a perfectly safe snack for your puppy, alongside their nutritionally balanced and age appropriate puppy food

But since puppies have such specific nutrient needs to support their growth, we always recommend feeding treats & extras in moderation. 

When is cucumber bad for dogs?

It’s best to avoid feeding too much of any treat, and the same goes for cucumber. They’re packed full of soluble fibre, which hydrates the digestive system and encourages smooth-moving number 2s. But too much and you’re just asking for diarrhoea. 

Can my dog eat pickles?

Pickles are not a dog-approved treat. They’re usually imbued with spices, loads of salt and oils that are unnecessary, or even harmful. Leave them for your cheeseburger instead. 

How much cucumber can my dog eat?

According to The Preventative Vet (2021), treats should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s total diet. This is your best bet at avoiding canine obesity and the slew of health conditions that come with it. 

With that in mind, there’s no good reason to give your dog a whole cucumber. For small fries, a few slices should suffice. For bigger dogs, no more than half a medium-sized cucumber. 

How to prepare cucumber for dogs

Raw cucumber is best, though you can cook it if you really feel the need to. But in general, cooking cucumber will deplete its nutritional value, plus reduce the crunch that makes it so fun. So what’s the point? 

Wondering what other human foods your dog can and cannot eat?

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Article last updated on April 22, 2022

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