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New Year’s Resolutions for your dog (and you)

New Year's Resolutions for your dog

Dogs are a fantastic part of our lives and deserve the title of “Best Friend”. At this time of year, when we are thinking about what things we want to change in our lives, you should not forget about them. Not only can they help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions, but you should also think about what things will make their life better too. Here are eight areas to make New Year’s Resolutions for your dog that will also help you!

Eat better

Just like their owners, around 50% of Aussie dogs are overweight or obese. The worse part about this is that these dogs have shorter lives by up to 1.5 years. That is around 15% of their life that you miss out on with your best mate. Willpower is not an issue for your dog as we control everything that they eat. The best way to combat those begging puppy dog eyes is to measure their food and treats every time. Find a calculator online as they are easier to decipher than the back of the packs or try Scratch Pet Food which provides detailed feeding instructions personalised for your dog with an accurate measuring scoop.

Dogs are even less designed for Carbs than we are. Think grain-free is automatically better then? Most grain-free dog foods simply replace the grains with refined tapioca and potato starches. Look instead for high protein from meat, good fats and oils and whole rather than refined ingredients.

Exercise together

While most gyms are still no dog zones, they can be the best walking and running companions around. Running is not for all dog breeds, though all are up for walks. For dogs, walks are not just about the exercise; it is also mentally stimulating to have so many new smells to investigate. If you or your dog have been inactive for a while, don’t just start with banging out a 10K. Start small and work up to avoid injury. Your pup will soon get used to the routine and will end up as the best alarm clock. One that does not have a snooze button!

New Year's Resolutions for your dog
“Sniffing new smells: nothing better!”

Learn something new

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is just plain wrong. Keep your woofer mentally stimulated by learning a new trick or skill. Be it “roll-over” or a party trick, your dog will also enjoy the treats, praise and time spent together. The New Year’s Resolution for your dog might be to learn a new trick each month or practice 5min every day. You can also test out if your pup has what it takes to search for endangered wildlife, master agility courses or be a therapy dog.

Quality time

Dogs and their pet-parents love spending time together. When you do, both you and your dog’s oxytocin levels rise, making you both feel good. This is why spending time with your dog is addictive. Had a rough day at work? Looking into your dog’s eyes is one of the quickest ways to lower your blood pressure and relax. Having your dog at work can calm the whole place down so try to convince the boss to make your workplace dog-friendly.

Get social

Dogs are great at helping you meet people – be it at the cafe, walking the street or at the dog park. And they enjoy it too. Single? Add your pup to your Tinder or Bumble profile pic and research says men will get 75% more messages and women 69% more matches.

New Year's Resolutions for your dog
“Meeting new peeps”

Dental health

Poor dental health has a significant impact on the overall health of our furry mates. If your dog is not regularly getting raw bones or treats that require lots of chewing, then think about adding specifically designed dental toys. Otherwise, you should start brushing your pup’s teeth or take them to a doggy dentist.

New Year's Resolutions for your dog
“Showing off the pearly whites”

Save money & time

Just like you can get subscription razers from Oscars or Dollar Shave, or toilet paper from Who Give’s A Crap, you can now get personalised dog food subscriptions from companies like Scratch. You save money buying directly from the company rather than a retail store, and you don’t spend weekends lugging heavy bags of dog food home from the pet shop. This New Year’s Resolution for your dog can help you save time and money. Spend that extra money on better quality food. Or more designer outfits for your pooch.

Help others

This makes you feel better, and your dog will thank you for helping other pups. Thinking of adding a dog to your life? Make sure you consider rescuing. You can also become a dog foster carer, volunteer for a dog charity or rescue, or donate money.

New Year's Resolutions for your dog
“Help a pup out”

Make New Year’s Resolutions for your dog today

So, don’t forget to make some New Year’s Resolutions for your dog as well as yourself. They can also help you stick to your own. Make 2019 the year you live your best life with your dog. They will love you for it.


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Written by Doug Spiegelhauer
Doug never had a dog growing up but as soon as he stopped moving around knew he needed a dog in his life. Enter Snoop the Beagle. Doug worked for 7 years designing and making dog treats and food for some of Australia's best brands. Now a Co-Founder of Scratch Pet Food.