We made a dog newspaper!

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We’re excited to bring Off The Leash to print with the very first print run of a dog newspaper!

In it, you’ll find:

  • Dear Dolly Snoop
  • 10 Questions with Dave the Beagle
  • a Dog’s guide to Melbourne
  • Tips to introduce a new pet to the family
  • 8 ways to tell good dog food from the bad
  • Dog horoscopes
  • a Doggy gift guide
  • and more…

We don’t know how often we’ll do these, but we just wanted to have some fun bringing our best content and plenty of new ideas to life in a print format.

dog newspaper

There are three ways to get your paws on our dog newspaper:

  1. If your pup is eating Scratch Dog Food, you’ll receive a copy free in your next order
  2. If you’re in Melbourne, come and see us from May 3 – 5 at the Dog Lovers Show. We have thousands of copies to give away from the Scratch booth
  3. We’re just about to release a small range of dog merch. You’ll get a copy free with any order
dog newspaper
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Article last updated on April 5, 2022

Mike is a huuuuuuge dog lover and the Co-Founder of Scratch. He's spent his life surrounded by Collies and Cocker Spaniels. You can find him sipping coffee in Melbourne and pointing out Bernese Mountain Dogs to his girlfriend, in hope that she'll finally let them get one.
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