A ‘Unicorn Puppy’ Was Born with a Tail Growing out of Its Head

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There isn’t really a way to say this that doesn’t sound nuts, so we’ll just say it: a puppy has been born in the United States with a second tail growing out of its head. Which kind of seems freaky, until you look at the little guy and realise he’s the adorable, furry, puppy x unicorn hybrid you didn’t realise you’ve spent your whole life searching for.  

The 10-week-old puppy came to the world’s attention after he was brought into Missouri rescue centre Mac’s Mission. They named him Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn, which makes a lot of sense but is kind of a mouthful. People have taken to calling him Narwhal for short. Narwhals are toothed whales with a large tusk that looks like a unicorn’s horn. They’re often called the “unicorns of the sea.” This guy is more the “unicorn of Missouri.”

Speaking to the Independent, centre founder Rochelle Steffen reflected how we’re all feeling when she said Narwhal is “literally the most magical thing you’ve ever seen.” She described him as “so happy,” and assured the BBC he’s in “no pain and plays for hours”.

Not surprisingly, she also noted there were an increased number of volunteers offering to come help out with him.

Narwhal’s second tail has seen him compared to a unicorn. Image via Facebook

Tell Me about the Tail, Can He Wag It?

Sadly no. An X-ray revealed there aren’t any bones in it. Rochelle has stated that the rescue usually prefers to leave abnormalities like this alone, unless an issue arises. Noting, “It kind of curls right down under his eyes. We deal with such unique animals here [and] we love to let them keep their uniqueness.” Although she did say they would intervene if it began growing inward or bothered his vision.

Right now, it appears to serve no purpose other than distinguishing him as the “coolest puppy ever”.

An X-ray of Narwhal showing, unlike a regular tail, his second tail has no bones. Image via Facebook

Why Does a Puppy Have a Tail on Its Head Though?

Rochelle, who has a lot of experience with what she describes as “janky” animals, explained: “Everybody has said that it looks like a tail that just didn’t develop fully, like he might have tried to absorb a twin and it just didn’t work all the way.” Which makes sense, but also kind of kills the cuteness. 

Is This Beautiful Dog Going to Be Okay?

Yes! Rochelle says he’s a “normal, happy, healthy puppy.” While the extra tail looks a little strange it’s apparently safe and poses no threat. Although they are playing it safe by not adopting him out until they know it’s not going to become an issue.

I Love Narwhal More Than Any Living Creature, How Can I Help Him?

It’s safe to say this guy is going to be fine. He is both adorable and possibly magic. He’ll be adopted as soon as he’s ready. But not all pets go viral, and Mac’s Mission do great work all year supporting animals with special needs. So if you want to help out, consider making a donation.

Now back to Narwhal — hold my calls!

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Article last updated on April 5, 2022

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