June Dog Horoscopes: How Will the Stars Aligned for Your Pet This Month?

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With your birthday coming up this dog horoscope finds you feeling understandably energised and excited. Those good vibes will help you stay open to unexpected meetings, new friends, and quality dog park encounters. While you’re at your charming best, with a lively sun-Mercury conjunction giving you some extra pep, you’ll be especially insync with humans. So enjoy all those extra pats. 


Things are opening this month, especially when it comes to your relationships with others. When a brilliant sun meets curious Gemini you’ll find yourself particularly interested in strangers. See it as a chance to make some new friends as you (and your family) emerge from lockdown.


Scorpio’s full moon has you feel especially social. But be careful not to push it: not everyone will be ready for your energy. Don’t think you can’t be yourself, just don’t get offended if not everyone is as excited by every sound, sight, and smell as you are. 


That sun-Mercury conjunction has got you twisted and a bit jumpy at the moment, so make sure you give yourself space to relax. Don’t fly off the handle at every cat or bird you see. Rather, channel that energy into being inquisitive (and polite).


Communicative Mercury is coming into contact with Gemini, and it has got your energy way up. Enjoy this buzz and make the most of meeting new people, going new places, and maybe even learning a new trick or two.

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With Mars entering fellow water sign Pisces you could experience some restlessness and struggle with concentration. Things that are normally easy could seem like a bigger effort than usual. Give yourself a break and make sure you don’t get too frustrated.


As the sun meets Mercury you’re going to be feeling less sentimental than usual, and maybe even have an urge to discard things that no longer serve you. It could be time to finally let that old bone or dirty chew toy go.


Messenger Mercury is dissolving into flexible Gemini meaning you’re primed to enjoy some unstructured fun. Let your hair down and enjoy the people (and animals) around you.


With Saturn entering Aquarius you’re experiencing a real sense of clarity, and a feeling of having grown and matured recently. Why not take that good energy and make an effort to set a positive example for others (yes that means less barking at people on the street). 

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Venus and Neptune are in cahoots to make things appear a bit hazy and unclear at the moment. Considering your perception might be off, don’t rush into any decisions or judgements. If something is bothering you, try let it go rather than seeking confrontation.


For you the sun-Mercury conjunction means your concentration is strong right now, and you’re especially mentally alive and alert. Why not use the opportunity to challenge yourself: learn a new skill or even break a bad habit.


As Mercury enters Gemini you might find yourself getting a little tender and insecure at the moment. Don’t be afraid to ask for a bit of extra love, or at least some extra head scratches. You provide a lot of comfort, let others support you.

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Article last updated on April 5, 2022

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