Is That a Cloud or a Japanese Spitz?

Japanese Spitz

Minature Samoyeds? The perfect companion dog? Japanese Spitz have a lot going for them, and not a lot of bad on the other side of the ledger. These white fluffy clouds are the perfect companion dog and have a great temperament with children AND are easy to keep clean. Not only that, they are super healthy compared to most other pure breeds. What is there not to love about the Japanese Spitz!


The Spitz group are an ancient group of dogs that are thought to originate in the polar regions. The Japanese Spitz is a relatively new breed being developed in Japan in the 1920s. The goal was to take the best of the other Spitz breeds, combine and improve them! They succeded. Unlike a lot of other Spitz breeds, the Japanese Spitz does not have a working dog past and its development was focused on the perfect temperament for a companion dog.

Weight: 5-10kg

Colour: White, White or White

Life Expectancy:  12-16 years

Japanese Spitz

Positive Points about Japanese Spitz

  • The perfect temperament for a family companion dog – great with children
  • Surprisingly easy to keep their fur white – dirt does not want to stick. Not much dog smell going around either – regular bathing not required.
  • Affectionate, loyal and devoted.
  • Smart, alert and always smiling!

Drawbacks of Japanese Spitz

  • Double coat- needs regular brushing to keep knots from forming. Shed their coats once or twice a year which needs brushing out. As with most double coated breeds, it helps them stay insulated against both hot and cold. While a trim is ok, shaves should be saved for medical procedures rather than for heat management.
  • A good watchdog, but with a tendency to bark too much.
  • Needs to be well socialised when young to avoid the common Spitz problems of being wary and protective against strangers.
  • Wants to be part of the family, so does not like being left alone for long periods of time.

Common health issue

  1. Patella Luxation
  2. Runny Eyes from tear ducts that are too small
  3. Generally one of the healthiest breeds going around.

There are no Japanese Spitz rescue groups in Australia but contact The Japanese Spitz Club of NSW as they help to arrange rehoming.

5 of the best (Aussie) Japanese Spitz on Instagram

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Written by Wendy Syfret
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