We love dogs. From mutts to pure and designer breeds and everything in between- we love them all. Our dogs are family members and bring out the best in us. So, they deserve the best in return. This site is all about helping pet parents do that.

We aim to give honest, trustworthy and unbiased advice. It is hard to find fact-based advice on what is the best choice to make for your pup, there is no shortage of opinion out there. You won’t find editorial based on paid advertising here. We are supported by Scratch which works because we share the same philosophy of bringing transparency to the industry. When an article is written by a Scratch Co-Founder, (as they all will be at the start!), it will be clearly stated.

We want ??? to be a community where dog lovers can learn, share and advocate for a more dog-friendly society. An expert in a topic related to dogs? We want to hear from you. Want our opinion on a product or problem? Just ask.



Doug Spiegelhauer

Pet parent to Snoop the beagle. Doug brings a wealth of experience from 7 years in industry roles as Production Manager and Operations Manager at one of Australia’s largest pet ingredient and treat manufacturers. He has deep industry knowledge and years of experience in new product development for major Australian and international brands and retailers. Co-Founder of Scratch Pet Food

Mike Halligan

Named an ‘eCommerce 2017 Rising Star’ by Internet Retailing magazine, Mike swapped a career in fashion for dog food. Growing up with Border Collies and Cocker Spaniels, he saw an opportunity to use the internet to give pet parents trust and better value. Mike is fanatical about bringing out the passion we have for our dogs in an amazing online experience and using business for good. Co-Founder of Scratch Pet Food